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How to select the best security system for your small business in Charlotte

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If you own a small business, including a Charlotte restaurant or clothing shop, it’s on you to come up with options for its security. Vandalism and break-ins can cause you to close up shop for a while. Furthermore, looting or employee trouble can hinder your bottom line and make your business an awkward location to be.

Selecting the right security system for your small business in Charlotte will go a long way for your peace of mind. But what should you seek out in a business security system?

Skip DIY and go with a customized security system for your Charlotte small business

To save money, many may try to install a few DIY security cameras or glass break detectors. This idea may function as an adequate work-around for a security system, but these home solutions rarely provide the degree of protection you deserve. You could still toss and turn at night wondering if you installed suitable equipment or appropriate sensors. Or you could end up with a collection of brands that refuse to work well together. And on the chance that anything breaks, you're on the hook with repairing or replacing the device by yourself.

Alternatively, go with an established company that can design the dream security system for your Charlotte small business. An expert can effortlessly walk you through your options and then masterfully install every security device in the best location. You forego having to strain for hour after hour to achieve the right camera lines of sight or determine if your storage may require a smart lock. You'll know for the beginning that the network is working properly, and if a part happens to go out, you can get a professional to come to your small business and fix the complication.

Wireless security cameras allow you to check in off-hours

Of course, the best security system for small businesses in Charlotte is paired with a security camera network. Quality video surveillance does help with security, employee efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Leverage your mobile device to connect directly into the video footage of your HD security cameras..

The concern for many small business owners is that you might not be able to hardwire security cameras with your construction. In this instance, wireless cameras operate perfectly and are often just as useful. Hang a camera angled at checkout counters, major entryways, storerooms, or other areas of interest blocked by wires. Then have your video segments and recordings saved to the cloud for peace of mind. And if your cameras detect some unexpected activity after you’ve closed, they can send you an alert straight to your phone.

Get aid quickly with 24/7 security monitoring

A priority for business security -- and something not guaranteed to be covered with DIY devices -- is 24/7 alarm monitoring. If an alarm or safety sensor is set off, your monitoring team will see and notify emergency service. This extra tier of alertness means the police or fire department will be on their way to your business ASAP. You can even feel free to go on vacation, safe in the knowledge that you have your monitoring experts watching over your security.

Get the best security system for your small business in Charlotte

The best security system for your small Charlotte business comes from Vivint and Vivint. Call today, and a Vivint specialist will evaluate your business security use and design the ideal system for your business. Call (704) 457-8797 or submit the form below to get started.